Cozmic Seeds Astrological Necklaces are available in two price levels.

CozmicSeeds all-gemstone necklace in tourmaline for healingPremium Necklaces (sample shown at right) are fabricated almost entirely of semi-precious gemstones which are selected for their reputed healing capabilities. All Premium All-Gemstone necklaces are $250 (USD) plus shipping.

Both types of necklaces come with a beautiful packet of information. One page shows an actual photo of your necklace with each gemstone planet clearly identified. Another page is your horoscope chart. Also included is a page explaining the gemstones used for each planet, with short descriptions about their supposed affect.

CozmicSeeds standard necklace with gemstone planetsStandard Necklaces (sample shown at left) are created with a background of high quality glass beads, and semi-precious stones used only to indicate planets. All Standard necklaces are $125 (USD) plus shipping.

In addition, I will keep a photo of your necklace in my records with notes about how it was made, in case you ever need a replacement.

You can be sure that your CozmicSeeds necklace or bracelet will bring you benefits far beyond mere adornment.