Sizing Chart

Please use this as a guide in your sizing decision.

  • Short: 16-1/4 to 16-1/2 inches
  • Medium: 17 to 17-1/2 inches
  • Long: 18 to 18-1/2 inches

Three lengths are available.

Short is 16-1/4 to 16-1/2 inches long (including fastener). On an adult female, this length will rest along the collar bone. It is appropriate for wearing next to your skin, or with an open-top blouse.
Cozmic Seeds
Medium length is 17 to 17-1/2 inches. It is the most popular length, long enough to wear outside your blouse or over a light sweater.
Cozmic Seeds
Long necklaces are 18 to 18-1/2 inches. This length is suitable for heavy sweaters or for those who prefer a longer necklace profile. The front tends to rest just above the heart.
Cozmic Seeds